What are probiotics ?

Probiotics, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), are living micro-organisms which, when ingested in sufficient quantities, have positive health effects.

Each probiotic has his own specificity and main point of action. These good micro-organisms are known, mainly, in the domain of eating supplements to improve the intestinal flora.

We choose to diversify ourselves by proposing care and hygienic solutions composed by probiotics to fight against pathogenic bacteria resistance due to over-aseptization of environments and overconsumption of antibiotics.

We commercialize a huge range of products distributed according to different sectors of use and developed for a unique goal: clean and care efficiently and securely while facing two major challenges: bacteria resistance problem and preservation of our ecosystem.

Sustainable Hygiene


Scientifically proven

Cruelty free


Our sectors of activity

Having an animal at home brings joy and happiness, but also leads to unpleasant hygienic consequences: bad odors, allergies, dirty home… Moreover, you must take care that your best friend is in good health and great shape!

We provide you with the complete package to care for and protect your pet.

Our care products are biodegradable. Furthermore, they are, of course, guaranteed to be safe for you, your pets and environment.

Did you know that we spend 90% of our time inside?

That the air inside our houses is 2 to 5 times more polluted than outside?

According to some studies, a family usually uses 20 to 40L of chemicals cleaning products by year for cleaning their home. Moreover, it was proven that the use of chemical cleaners and disinfectants to wash your house has absolutely no impact on reducing microbial infections.

So, it is essential to drop harmful household products and to opt for a natural clean that will make your home spotless and healthy. Keeping a good hygiene in home is important !

Our assortment Fitness & Wellness is composed of innovative detergent products especially made for Sports centers, fitness and wellness where sustainable hygiene and destruction of bad odors plays an important role especially in the well-being of users.

With our products Fitness & Wellness, private and public sport establishment can now be cleaned and maintained securely and without using chemical products.

Our range of product is composed of cleaning products especially made for environments at high risk of microbial invasion as dental practices, beauty salons, gyms, hospitals, nursing homes, medical practices, pharmacies, boarding schools and schools.

Our partner Provilan®

Provilan® is a brand from Probiotic Group

Group and represent the result of a perfect mix between science and nature. Composed of a large assortment of products of clean and care, Provilan® claims to be the ideal partner for a healthy environment and beneficial for all: humans, animals and nature.

“A clean result, healthy and secure thanks to the mix of science and nature”

Our products are based on the same dynamic: natural, safe to use and high quality. Furthermore, they guarantee a deep clean, refresh the atmosphere and creates a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Our products made out of probiotics

Using chemical disinfectants and cleaners for too long, or too often can lead to terrible consequences and became dangerous for humans, animals and environment.

How to fight against this ?

Many studies consider use of probiotics as a serious alternative for chemical products. Indeed, probiotics allow a safe and efficient clean. In addition, it presents some natural advantages as a clean that will last several days, an elimination of bad odors and even more.

Our principles

Well-being and good health of women, men, children and pets are important for us. That is the reason why we want, with each of our products, to give the opportunity to have the best cleaning and caring products for everyone.

We have the same requirements for all of our products: efficacity and security. We work with the best suppliers and we have established some very precise manufacturing protocols with the aim of ensuring high quality and fully secure use for all.

We think that we only are “tenant” of this world and we must leave it in the best possible condition for future generations. Our products are therefore developed with this in mind: natural and without any danger for environment.

Innovation is a real driver for business and enables sustainable development. We therefore attach great importance to research and development (R&D) in order to continue to offer products capable of satisfying the needs and expectations of users to the maximum.

Our products are currently distributed through various channel across several European countries. We focus on a professional network (doctors, pharmacist, veterinarians) and effective distribution to the general public with the help of professionals.