What is infratherapy ?

Infratherapy was created in Japan in 1965.

At the beginning, it was exclusively utilized in clinics for its therapeutic values.

Infratherapy uses long infrared. The main strength of this technology is the invisible radiation which allows resonance of the muscle tissues, increase cellular functions and blood circulation and improve the cardiovascular and immune system.

The effect on health of this powerful tool of detoxification of the body go far beyond the simple relief of stress, fatigue, chronic pains, arthritis, muscle stiffness and breathing problems. It also act on weight control, elimination of cellulite, reparation of sore tissues, strengthening of the immune system, improvement of blood circulation and of skin quality.

Infrared penetrates the body and warm up the organism. The body is directly stimulated by the heat of the radiations. It penetrates the dermis to a depth of 4cm, its warming happens in the center of muscle tissues. This results in substantial sweating that is up to three times greater than in traditional saunas.

You will start feeling the effect after the first treatment, because infratherapy as the capacity to strengthen the immune system and to relax the most stressed people. It also contributes to restore health and sleep.

Infratherapy for athletes

The benefits of infratherapy

Weight loss

Sweating due to the high temperature of the body, increase the cardiac frequency of the organism and the blood flow.

A 40 minutes session leads to a 600 to 900 calories loss, which is equivalent to a 30 minutes race at a marathoner speed. So, infratherapy help weight control and contributes to slimming the figure.

Cellulite treatment

Infratherapy acts on surface grease and dissolve fatty deposits in the system. It also permits to stimulate metabolism and thus help with cellulite reduction.

Elimination of toxins

Infratherapy eliminates heavy metals and polluants too, as lead, mercury, zinc and nickel. It is possible to expulse up to 97% of heavy metals on top of alcohol, nicotine, sulfuric acid, sodium and cholesterol.

Toxins are evacuated by the skin during sweating and we can even hope to suppress some parasites and bacteria. 

Improvement of immune system

Because infrared increase body temperature, they create an artificial fever that activate the immune system. This process combined with the elimination of toxins due to sweating, increase the resistance of the body to diseases.

Reduction of muscle pain

Infratherapy as some anti-spasmodic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. This treatment is good to reduce chronic and acute pain, whether muscular, articular or rheumatic. It also reduces pain due to fibromyalgia and relieves heavy legs.

Reduction of stress and fatigue

Infrareds relax all body muscles, which eliminates all tensions and everyday life stress.