for athletes

What is infratherapy ?

A unique solution for effective and rapid physical preparation and recuperation

Nowadays, the role of a physiotherapist, osteopath or sports trainer is crucial.

Theses therapists are focused on the quality and efficacity of their work.

They are constantly questioning the value of the efforts they are making and searching for even more effective forms with better efficiency report.

It is even more obvious when it is about top athletes, subject to an obligation of results and with a rather busy sporting calendar.

Infratherapy is essential to:

  • Improve physical and mental capacities
  • Lowering the fatigue threshold
  • Better manage fatigue during training and competition
  • Recover more quickly after exercise

What does it bring to you ?

A leading role in all stages of an athlete's life

Just before effort, even before the warm-up period, it will permit:

  • To stimulate blood flow
  • To improve joint fluidity
  • To bring better elasticity and plasticity of fascias, tendons and muscles to reduce the risk of injury.

At rest, muscles and tendons are at a 36°C temperature. But their maximal performance is at 39°C.

At this temperature, tendons are more elastics, and the flexibility of muscles is increased. (between 60 and 80% more according to some research)

Muscle strength also increase with temperature. (2% per degree)


  • Reduction of muscle pain
  • Diminution of muscle stiffness
  • Efficacity on chronic and tendomuscular pain
  • Drain with a diminution of lactates

Fighting against sport burn-out (constant efforts, repeated emotional pressure, physical overtraining with intense involvement over a long period of time)

Sessions act on the parasympathetic nervous system and allow deep relaxation, which improve sleep quality and bring a better recovery after long journeys.

As it is a traumatizing event in a top athlete’s career, it often creates a major imbalance and brings moments of doubt.

Infratherapy take its whole place in a preventing strategy of pain and also reactive strategy with a better recovery and better healing.