Our only priority,


Deep relaxation

Improvement of blood flow

Environmental hygiene

Reduction of chronic and acute pain

Detox & Wellness

Care products and natural cleaning

Focus on what is left for us not on what we lost”

Yann Arthus-Bertrand

How can we help you ?

Therapy with antispasmodic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. It is beneficial to alleviate acute or chronic pain whether muscular,articular or rheumatic.

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Medical and natural therapy for relieving your daily chronic pain.

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Natural ecological care range of hygiene and cleaning products for humans and animals made from environmentally friendly ingredients with high hygienic efficiency.
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To feel alive,
is to feel strong.


Epioterra accompanies you, advises you and relieves you by privileging natural therapies adapted to your expectations, all in an ecological approach and directed towards optimal care and an environmental hygiene.

Our body and spirit are confronted since forever to polluting agents as stress, depression, every kind of pain or even sometimes burnout.

The actual sanitary situation as completely changed our lifestyle and has made us discover new sensations, usually negatives that we did not suspect.

Often bewildered by that, we search for solutions to remedy this and often without succeeding.

Epioterra can accompanies you in that process.

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