What is andullation?

Andullation is a recent method of treatment.

Since a little bit more than 10 years, it is utilized for lowering chronic pain with good results scientifically proven.

The technology used is composed of a combination of mechanical vibration and infrared heat, for having a positive influence on all basic functions of the organism.

How can we help you ?

A chronic pain, unfortunately require chronic treatment !

This therapy is accessible for everyone and can be used at home.

How many people recognize themselves in these answers :

“You are suffering, and you will have to learn to live with your pain.”

“I can’t do anything more for you”

“You must move more. If you do nothing, it is normal to be in pain”

How to move when you are in pain, how to live serenely with pain that takes all your energy.

How to find a solution when traditional medicine, operations or medications don’t help you anymore.

A solution still exist: contact us for an appointment !

For us, the discourse is different.

During an appointment in our offices, we will explain to you the influence of pain on your daily life and the means put in place to remedy it.

You will have the opportunity to test a device that mixes heat and vibration

This medical device provides you with a relaxing effect with a decrease of your pain after 15 minutes.

This benefit effect will continue for a few hours after.

A daily use of this device will allow you to live normally again and allow your body to find sensations again.

The main 5 principles

Cells produces energy in our body.

To function greatly, our cells need energy. They obtain it with the ATP molecule (adenosine triphosphate). If our cells lack energy they die, and it reflects on our organs.

Unsuitable food, natural ageing, stress and environmental influences give our cells a hard time. Their ability to produce energy and regenerate decrease and they lost their vitality.

This therapy gave excellent results for many chronic pathologies as back pain, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, by diminishing consequently the pain. Regular use of andullation create endorphins. Endorphins are considerate as our “natural painkiller”.

Thanks to andullation, pain signals can be mitigated. Firstly, andullation create positive signals in our body, that reduces pain signals.

Blood supplies our body with nutrients. When blood flow is insufficient, this process may be disturbed, which can lead to fatigue or disease.

Andullation reactivate blood flow. Blood become thinner again and the transport of the necessary nutrients returned.

Physical relaxation

By constant activity, muscle tensions settle in our body. In consequence, muscles are not nourished enough, and pain shows up. With andullation and infrared heat, blood vessels dilate, and with the mechanical vibrations our muscles are better irrigated by blood.

Mental relaxation

Stress as a harmful impact on our nervous system. The human nervous system has two parts: a stimulating par (sympathetic) and a calming part (parasympathetic). During stressful situations, the sympathetic system is overactivated. To restore the balance, andullation produce some positive signals. Thanks to infrared heat combined with vibrations, stress can be evacuated.

La lymphe a une fonction détoxifiante et joue un rôle important dans le drainage tissulaire (drainage = élimination des liquides corporels). Il s’agit surtout de graisses et de protéines qui, vu leur volume, ne parviennent pas à entrer dans les vaisseaux sanguins à travers les parois capillaires. Après la circulation sanguine, le système lymphatique est le système de transport le plus important du corps humain. Par conséquent, l’andullation permet un meilleur drainage au niveau du système lymphatique en éliminant les agents pathogènes ( qui rendent malades ) et prévient certaines maladies.